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Biscuit Boxes by JM Piers

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Aw, look at how adorable he/she is! All sprawled out on the bed like that taking a nap. Greatest pet ever, right?

Let's try an experiment. Pull out that bag of treats. Did your dog or cat just go from being the most adorable thing on the planet to an adorable little fiend in under a second flat? I thought so. Well, then this one's for you. First, true story: I once had a cat named Theo who taught himself how to open doorknobs to get at the treats and pigout! It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. (Besides those weird Jim Morrison acid flashbacks he'd have whenever he was near the catnip, of course.) If your pet, like Theo, would be a good candidate for an episode of Intervention: Friskies Edition, may I suggest the answer to all your problems. How about one of these vintage-inspired buscuit boxes by JM Piers? Handcrafted from tole and handpainted by master artisans, these tough, stylish containers can hold the treats your little buddy's ever dreamed of, while adding a bit of charm and whimsy to any kitchen. Plus, the top is super tight, and the little latch inside means that Fido won't be going to town on a bag full of unsuspecting Milkbones without your permission anytime soon. And, of course, there's one for pups and one for kittehs, so no one feels left out. (Except the ferrets, I guess...) Choose the right one for you, and feel safe with the knowledge that cleaning up the aftermath of Fluffy's latest war on tuna treats is now a thing of the past.

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